Aug. 8th, 2006

Alan Rickman / Jason Isaas - RPS Fiction List

RPS - Fiction List
Alan Rickman & Jason Isaacs

Note: These stories are fictional!
Nothing in this writings described happened, ever.

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If you know other fics, I didn't list here, comment, and I'll be happy to add them :)

Update - August, 9th 2006
added the following fics:
Boys (AR/I) by [info]mortifyd
Chickenpudge (AR/EI/I) by [info]mortifyd
Drabble I & II (AR/I) by [info]mortifyd
Rude Things (AR/EI) by [info]mortifyd
Spooning (AR/EI) by [info]mortifyd
Stop (AR/I) by [info]mortifyd
Wond'ring Aloud by [info]mortifyd


RPS Fiction Search

Currently I search for some Harry Potter actors RPS fiction. Preferably with Alan Rickman or Jason Isaacs as one of the characters.

I know there aren't a lot of RPS fics on the market, but if you know one, please point me to it ;)