Dec. 14th, 2006

Mandalas for your Coloring-Pleasure

I have uploaded some Mandalas - for my f-list only. Enjoy!

[SCAN] - Coloring-Book - Ausgeglichen mit Mandalas.rar
(ebook - german) Coloring-Book - Mandalas für den Unterricht.pdf
(ebook - german) Hund, Wolfgang - Mandalas 'Malend zur Ruhe kommen'.pdf

Note: You have to be logged-in at YouSendIt to download the files. The books are written in german, but this won't make coloring the Mandalas less enjoyable ;)

EDIT - 03-09-07: Offer expired!

Dec. 8th, 2006

Mandala? Mandala!

I colored a Mandala today.... I know, you think now I finally have gone 'round the bend ;)

If you wish, you can have a look at it. The pattern for the Mandala is also posted. Maybe you would like to try and color it yourself? Let me know where I can find a picture of your version of this Mandala. I really would like to see other versions of it.

EDIT: I 'forgot' to mention that I colored the Mandala with crayons, by hand. The only excuse I can offer is that it was really late, way after midnight, when I made this post.

Follow the fake cut... )