May. 30th, 2007

Saving Up LJs

Promise, this is the last entry for tonight. Sorry for all the spamming :(

If you are interested in a backup of your own LJ, you can do one as an Adobe pdf file here:
It is free and easy, and you will have at least something, should anything happen to your lj.

I do not now if this works for communities also, but it is worth a try nevertheless.

*hugs and good night*

Hiding Membership of Communities & SWITCHKNIFE

Is there a possibility to hide the communities somebody is a member of on the info site?


Since she is on fandom break, SOMEBODY ought to inform SWITCHKNIFE of the recent happenings! Please? Chance is very big, that when she gets back to lj land, her lj will be gone too. Her interests state the therm c_h_a_n (among others).

SNARRY Fiction gone with [info]pornish_pixies

For all of you writers out there, who had SNARRY stories on [info]pornish_pixies:

If you posted a story on the community and didn't save it up, check back with me. There's a 90% chance I saved on my HDD.

Snape_Potter Community

Shit, [info]pornish_pixies is gone :(

Okay.... since the communities seem to vanish like dust, I'd like to save up as much as I can of [info]snape_potter, [info]snarry100, and [info]snarry_games. And other Snarry communities. Is here anybody willing to help me? We could split up the months from were each of uns saves the entries.

And before you start and beat me up, I don't plan on sharing the files with the public. Only reason to do something like this is that there would be any copy of the entries - in case some of the authors didn't save up there work. Would be very sad if everything written there would get lost.

Is there maybe a way to save a whole community like lj-book does with 'normal' accounts? Maybe this would be a pre-serving method for the mods of the threatened coms?

PS: I am not much of a writer, but since I am a member in almost every Snarry community, I'll lock down my lj also.