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Jul. 18th, 2008

Wink ;)

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

♥♥♥ *hearts f-list*

Jul. 16th, 2008

AR Rumors

Two days ago somebody on YouTube started a rumor about AR being caught in some restroom with another man (Graham Norton?). Presumably this was some article by So what?

Since I already told the AR fandom sort of goodbye, I now can say whatever I like here in my LJ/IJ without fearing that I get in the line of fire - well, I certainly will get there, but I don't care anymore. My RL is so full of shit, I don't need these endless AR adoring - like he's some sort of god - and worshipping rambles anymore.

I don't give a shit whom or what AR is fucking. He can go for dogs for all I care. Only thing I care about is the actor AR, not the human being. Sounds ignorant? Well, I will NEVER know the human being, so I have NO RIGHT to judge him because of his sexual partners, his lifestyle, his table manners, or what ever. I care about his work, if he manages to touch me with his acting. NOT if he's with Rima, nor if he's straight, gay, bi, or asexual.

So, now you can rip me to pieces, but don't await any reaction from me. Well nevertheless, I would have liked to read the article. Would have been a good laugh and some heartbreakingly mental images of aggravated fangirlies over the morning coffee.

Jul. 10th, 2008

AR at the Anthony Mingh3lla Tribute 'Imagine'

I've uploaded the Anthony Mingh3lla tribute [BBC - 07.09.200] to Rapidshare.

You NEED to download all 6 parts to extract them. The archive file is a self-extracting so you don't need to install any other software to unpack it.

If you have problems with the DIVX codec, you may download the codec also from the same source on Rapidshare. The program is virus-free and save, I use it myself.


I believe this will be my last upload in the AR Fandom. I seldom get feedback and if I ask (for) something I mostly do not even get an answer. Therefore I have no fun in AR-dom anymore and think I would be better of leaving. This isn't a lightly made decision, I've played with the thought to leave for some time now, only to step back and try staying in fandom again and again. No, it would be better for all if I go back to lurking.

Well once more; here you go:

EDIT: Files taken down on August, 26th 2008

Feb. 24th, 2008

Alan Rickman Fandom

These days I can't help but feel like my time in the AR fandom has come to an end. Maybe this is because my RL doesn't get better, maybe it is because I can't stand the childish behavior of some fans anymore, or maybe I just have grown out of it? I have no idea. In fact I have an idea, but if I write it down here, I will be the person responsible for a big fandom-wank. So I'll just shut up - like I should have done months ago - hide in my room and pretend I'm not there. *shrugs*

I'll just take a break from reading AR news for now and see if I feel like coming back sometime soon. I really enjoy looking at all the pictures of Mr Rickman, and his movies, but the rest...

Oct. 16th, 2007

Fan-Being and Common-Sense

What is it with fans being all 'ahhh & uhhh', worshiping celebs like some deity? Sometimes I have the feeling, there is some switch in peoples minds, and it's only purpose is to turn off common-sense. Worst of all, I believe, is that those people aren't adoring the 'role' this particular celeb represents, but the 'human being' - also the person itself.

Now I ask you, how can I adore someone, I don't know? How is it possible for folks to 'love' somebody they don't even know? Hey, this celeb could be an asshole in private. Someone you would never ever consider spending time with in real life.

*shrugs* Sometimes I loath being in fandom, because of fans who overdo their adoring, swooning, and applauding. Sometimes I just get my kick out of reading such bullshit - and laugh my ass off, btw.

Think before you announce somebody your personal god without a fault! Celebs are only humans too. And, sorry to burst your bubble, most of them are humans, who are bad at being human. With increasing popularity (and therefore increasing fortune) they have lost their humanity, and - like some fans too - their common sense.

I can adore a celeb, but only for what this person represents, not for what I wish this person is/could be in her/his REAL life.

Aug. 5th, 2007

Fandom Ranting

With all the people of the Snarry fandom wandering away from LJ in the past weeks, I have no chance in catching up on my reading anymore. I am sure, I miss out a lot of great stuff, but I just can't follow all the writers and artists around. I wish I could, but to open several new journals - on greatest journal, insane journal, death journal, blogger, journal elfen, vox, open diary, xanga, etc. - just isn't feasible.

I know, these services are all free, that is not my problem. My problem is, to make so much time to actually look through all these journaling services, to find all my favorite authors/artist there, or to find all the arts (either in words or pictures). My f-list is the result of being in the HP fandom for years. *sigh*

Say, is here someone - nutty like me - and saves everything Snarry, to read it later/off-line? I know that quite a lot of people did so, earlier when flat-rates weren't so much common. If you are such a 'saver' and not averse to sharing saved up goodies in private, speak up, please :) And, NO, I am not offering to share saved stories to the broad public. So no wank, please.

Comments are screened!

Jul. 31st, 2007

The Search for John Gissing

Today the DVD arrived, finally. So thank you, luv! You-know-who-you-are! *hugs*

Sadly the pleasure about this treat is dimmed, a lot more than I originally feared it would be. When Mike Binder announced that he was going to release TSFJG on DVD, I was torn between 'I'll buy it - I won't buy it'. Now you may ask why, and I will provide you the answer here. This might cause a bit of trouble for me, well... okay. *shrugs*

I remember, a few years ago, TSFJG was shown on some movie festival in LA. The audience got a copy of the film on DVD for free, under the condition not to spread copies further. When I heard that, I was so fucking angry, so disappointed, and so sad. Until today, I can NOT figure out, why Binder had the nerve to decide, these fans were worthy of an early copy (might as well have been the only copy someone could get because there wasn't anything planned about an official release), and other fans were not. I think, and this is MY opinion only, that action was impudent on Binder's part.

Don't get me wrong; on the other side, back then, I was pleased for the few people who actually got this film. But it was not fair against all the others, now was it? Not everybody who wanted to see the film - may it be because of Alan Rickman, Juliet Stevenson, or some other actor/actress - was able to go to California and join the crowd at this festival - or another festival for that matter. And why did Binder only offer the DVD at the LA event? As far as I recall, TSFJG WAS shown on some other festivals as well. So... WTF?

Had I known, that Binder was going to do something impetuous and disregarding towards all the other fans, I might have never signed the petition to get this film released. And I definitely would have never asked 20+ other people to do the same. In retrospect I believe a lot of other people wouldn't have signed if they had known about the free giveaways.

Now of course, I ask myself, if the person who actually overstepped Binder's rules, and offered TSFJG on some torrent side some months ago, also saw things similar. We will never know.

Once you get older, your view on things changes - that's a fact. I might have seen Binder's actions not so black a few years ago, I definitely chose to be ignorant then, and Binder might have seen, and maybe regretted his doings in the meantime also. Another thing we will never know.

So, that said, I am sure me ranting here will be the topic of a lot of chats around the AR fans, because I was the only one who dared to speak out loud what others only thought. I am also almost positive, most of this conversations will happen in private, and won't be very friendly towards me. But, if you are only a tad honest with yourself, dear AR fan, you have to acknowledge, I am not entirely wrong with my view of this whole affair. This is one of the moments, I wish my English knowledge was better... so much things I just can't word the way I'd like to. *sigh*

Jul. 5th, 2007

Potter Book 7

Say, am I the only one who doesn't get enthusiastic about the release of the 7th Potter book?

I don't know, but I seem to remember the times pre-release to OotP & HPB a lot more 'thrilling' somehow. Maybe that're only my feelings on this...

Jun. 24th, 2007

What's that with the names in HP fandom?

Say, what's wrong with thinking twice before clicking on the 'SEND' button? If I write a request/question/discussion on an English board, I can at least check if I wrote the names of the character in question right, can't I?

I'm not overly confident with my knowledge about the English language, but it really is annoying to find wrong spelled names of the main characters.

It is Harry not harry, Herry, Hary, Hariy,...
Hermione, not Hermoine or Hermonie.
McGonagall, not McGonigal, Mac Gronnagal, gronigal,...
The headmaster is called Dumbledore, not Dumpledor, dumbeldore,...
Snape, the name is SEVERUS SNAPE. Not Sanpe, siverus snape, Snap,...
It is Hogwarts, not Huggwarts or Hogfarts!

Merlin, today I saw one name - three times wrong - in ONE fucking email.

Am I weird? Yes!
Am I prissy? Looks like it.
Am I fussy? That too, definitely!
Am I all of the three above? Decide for yourself.

Sep. 23rd, 2006

Damn Watermarks...!

I really think celebrity pictures with watermarks are annoying.

Don't get me wrong: I can understand why official photo agencies have to watermark their pictures, I'm not ignorant.

What I can not understand is that, private persons, who took pictures of a celeb are going to put watermarks - bigger than the actual person - on the picture. I can comprehend if the owner does the picture mark with a reasonable marking. But sometimes...

This Alan Rickman Fansite is, what triggered my rant. The pictures are sadly not even worth looking at in the bigger version, leave alone saving them. :(

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