Sep. 7th, 2009

Bookbinding for Fun - Revisited

I just couldn't help myself... I HAD to do bind Tira Nog's new Snarry as a printed book. I already did one other Snarry and thought it would be a fantastic addition to have Tira's novella also in my bookshelf ;)

Either [info]tiranog will have my head for it, or - if I'm lucky - she'll like it. So, tell me Tira, which one is it...? *ducks and runs far far away*

More pictures under the cut.
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I'm planing on doing some more books for fun. Snarry stories for my little bookmaking project are written by [info]bar_bar_ella, [info]cybele_san, [info]dementordelta, [info]rushlight75, and - yes of course - [info]tiranog, and some other stories of authors not mentioned here. I also plan to do a book of Grazhir's Crumbling Pedestal, because it is one of my all time favorites.

Aug. 22nd, 2009

Bookbinding for Fun

Two weeks ago I went to our local Bookbinder shop. The woman behind the counter was very unfriendly and more like snotty really. After I told her that I thought I needed a new hobby and wanted to try my hand in bookbinding, she snapped at me that I could try but - after her opinion - I won't succeed. She's got an employee that works for her for over a year and 'just starts' glueing book spines. And why I thought she had to learn the vocation for three years? And anyway, she's got a niece who tried to make her own book and never got it done right.

Then, my attempt to make her feel better - by asking if she had technical literature to sell or a book on the subject matter to peek in - went totally down the drain. She ranted on that 'No! She had no literature to sell, and NO! definitely no books for me to have a look at, because those books she used herself surely where to deep for me.' Okaaaaay...

By then I wasn't even sure how to earn her goodwill anymore. Nevertheless I asked if she had some self bound books around to show the customers as example or so. Oh my! I shouldn't have asked that, I really shouldn't. Again she snipped at me that 'YES! She had indeed some works of hers in the workroom, but NO! I could not have a look at them, because they were commissioned.'

What. A. Dumb. Cow.

Well, I went home and searched through the internet for another Bookbinder somewhere nearby, and found one not even 15 minutes away. I called him and the nice man on the other side of the phone told me that they still had vacation but would be back by Monday, 17th.
I went to his little store on Tuesday and found an older man, who worked as a Bookbinder for almost 30 years. He was very friendly, informative and stunned that a) somebody wanted to do a book purely for fun and b) that I already had done the bookblock/innerbook. He even told me that I got it right! Only thing that he would have done was to press the bookblock firmer. Yay! ;) Such a nice experience after that horrible woman.

We talked about where he got his fittings and he told me that he went every other week to a special wholesale dealer, and since we already discussed where I came from, he told me that there was another Bookbinder in my city. I must have made a face, cause he grinned and said 'Ahhh' in a knowing voice. Ha! He knows the unfriendly woman too. And she also bitched with him sometime ago, too.

Well, I think I'll go and show of my first try at bookbinding to both of them in the next days. But let me start with you, yes?

First self-made Book, ever... )