May. 26th, 2007

New Books for a (hopefully) long & quiet Weekend

The month almost is over and since I had a bit spare money saved, I indulged myself today in a bookshop... 4 books, ~2300 pages fantasy only. Looks like a busy weekend *g*

For those interested what I will read these days:

Christoph Marzi's Trilogy - 'Lycidas', 'Lilith', & 'Lumen'
A series about an orphaned girl who finds herself in a world full of magical creatures, in a place deep under London, with fallen angles and antique gods. (At least this is what the book cover promises... Sounds a bit like another 'Potter' imitation, doesn't it?)

Christopher Golden & Thomas E. Sniegoski - 'Der UnMagier; Rabenfreund'
A boy - the one and only existing human without magical powers - who is feared as 'The Most Dangerous Boy of the World'. The world wants him dead, but is he really dangerous?

Now I only can hope that I will actually get to read a bit this weekend. So family, NO major dramas please! Leave me alone! I'll be in my room and pretend I'm not there. 'k?