Jan. 1st, 2025

Welcome :)

Welcome to my InsaneJournal :)

As of September, 3rd 2007 everything from LJ has been moved to this account.

Sadly with the move to IJ some mistakes and losses on the old entries appeared:
- Each and every comment has been gone :( -
- All entries have now the same icon. -
- Mood-, music-, and location-informations are gone also. -
- The LJ user-links have been modified automatically to IJ users
(means, if you want to open such link, you have to change the web-address from insanejournal.com to livejournal.com). -
- Changing the url is only necessary for LJ/IJ-user-names. All other links will work right. -

Maybe I'll go back someday and rework the lost icons, but I'm not sure yet.


Friends Only!

This journal is partly 'Friends Only'.
RL-posts will be f-locked, as will some other mature themed posts.
If you want to read those entries, leave a comment and let me know so.
Everything fandom, drawings, and Alan Rickman entries, will be posted publicly.