Snarry Themed Fic-Search

I really would like to read Snarry stories, with Snape as the submissive part of the pairing. In everyday life and/or in bed either in a BDSM or a 'normal' relationship.

Snape as a Slave to Harry is another plot, I don't find often. I remember, I read a story on some time ago, but I can't find it again. The story was not finished and it seems to have vanished from the web. Snape was given by Dumbledore to Harry as his "servant and protector". Last part I remember was a talk between Ron and Harry. Ron asked Harry if he was making use of all services, Snape had to offer - plain if Harry had taken Severus to bed by now. Harry assured Severus that he wasn't going to abuse his situation. He would only touch Sev if the Potions master wanted it himself.

Another story which was searched but not found, on one of the yahoo-lists, sounds interesting too:
I'm looking for a fic where Snape and Harry are having a relationship
while Harry is still in school. The thing is, Snape really prefers to
bottom, but can't bring himself to actually say that to an underage
Harry, so he just manipulates the situation so Harry is always the top.

If no-one can remember this one, any Harry/Severus where Harry is
younger/less experienced will do.

I am grateful for every link you are willing to provide :)

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