Snarry Plot-Bunny hopping around...

[info]snarryplease has posted an interesting fic search/plot bunny on [info]snarryficfind.

I don't know if this type of fic exists, but I thought I would ask.

A scenario I see is something like this: It's post-war, Harry has defeated Voldemort, and life for him is basically good, except that he's not in a relationship. He's let the success of defeating Voldemort get to his head a little bit, so he's gotten kind of arrogant around his friends or other people who care about him, the way Snape had feared.

Harry wants to enter into a relationship with Snape, and Harry, perhaps sensing Snape wouldn't like his new arrogant self, hides this side from him when they are first dating. Eventually, though, his arrogance comes out and Snape doesn't like it. Snape will only agree to continue the relationship if Harry agrees to improve his attitude and will submit to punishment (i.e., spanking) when he slips up.

If this fic doesn't exist, is there anywhere that I can request it?

Thanks in advance!

I got permission from [info]snarryplease to re-post her search/request here.

Don't know about you, but I would very much love to see a story along these lines. *snuggles bunny* So much spanking, so much possibilities... *g*