Slash fiction in the "Diagnosis Murder" fandom

Hmm… where to start?

I consider myself a fairly quite member on the DMAS and every other list regarding Diagnosis Murder. Sometimes I want to reply to one or another topic but I withstand the urge to do so mostly because you never know who may feel attacked or insulted.

So, please. I do NOT intend to offend anyone personally. Since English isn't my mother tongue I apologize in advance if somebody feels my words rude or poor chosen. Be aware that this entry only shows MY opinion and MY view on fanfiction. I don't intend to impute anything. Nor will this be a complete overall view of all aspects on the series DM and its possibilities.

Personally I like to see the character Steve in a solid relationship better than slide from one partner to another. A lot of gen and het fiction in this fandom has its basics on the following concept: Steve meets woman - woman afraid of murderer - Steve investigates and during the process, falls for her - she gets murdered or married to another - next girl please - NeverEndingStory

Yes, I am aware that this description is plain in every sence of its word, but this is how it appears for me. Of course there are exceptions, but they are rare.
I don't like het fanfiction at all, but I don't blame other fans for liking them.

Fact is, the actors which represent the characters of Dr. Jesse Travis and Lt. Steve Sloan (namely Charlie Schlatter and Barry van Dyke) have - altrough unintentional - brought a whole new view to some of the fans. There are a lot of situations in the series, which may be considered ambiguous - with a little bit of imagination anyway. If I where one of these actors I would be proud on my actingabilities. Maybe kind of flattered, too.

And, am I wrong to say that the whole fandom thing is all about imagination and fantasy not about facts every original writer or producer would use? Means fanon, not canon!

For god's sake: Don't forget yourself so much over these “different” stories. It is ONLY fanfiction.

Every person has the right to express him/herself in its own way. The artist can write whatever he/she likes. The reader can review whatever he/she likes. But please in a fair manner. A lot of writers have left the fandom because of unfair treatment or harrasment trough the readers. Or maybe only because the fanfiction readers aren't able to acknowledge given warnings in the headers of the fictions.

To be fair is someting that should rule EVERY fandom, don't you think?

It is absolutley NOT fair to write something like the following on a public postinglist:
the grossest thing I ever read in my life / if anyone wants to read it (believe me you don't) / the whole thing made me want to throw up.

It is the opinion of this reader - OK acceptable. But to announce a fiction this way, to put into the review such negative description only brings the next potential reader of the fic itself to judge in the same manner. Really, think before you post such hard judgement. Try to imagine yourself as the writer of a fiction. What would you do, if someone would write something like this?

And, the story which concerned this whole topic on the DMAS list is labeled very clear by the writer. Have a look:

Title: DIAGNOSIS MURDER - Revelations
Author: Clare
Email: clare@sol…
Pairing: Steve/Jesse
Programme: "Diagnosis Murder"
Rating: PG-13
Series: None
Status: Complete
Archive: Write first
Disclaimer: The characters and location herein belong to Viacom and Paramount and no profit is being made from this story.
Summary: Steve has to solve a series of gay murders and learns something about himself and his best friend in the process.
Warnings: M/M sexual interaction and mildly graphic descriptions of murder scenes.
Comments: This takes place at the end of the fourth season ('cos that's as far as I've seen!). A big thank you to Eileen for beta'ing the story.

So, if you come along a story with such warnings, simple to handle - don't read it!

True, a lot of different people have a lot of different opinions and that is just fine so.
If we all would go confirm in our inspection of things, life were boring.

To have a different mind isn't a bad thing.
To have a different mind and don't be willing to allow other opinions is a bad thing.

And sometimes I really got the feeling that's exactly what happens here. Not only about topics which handle slash/yaoi. The manners in the whole fandom are not very acceptable. Again, I'm not saying everybody is involved.

So. Thanks for hearing me out. If you would like to post and give me some of your mind, you may go ahead and do so.


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